Call for entries
Deadline: 31 March 2013

Autonomy & Anatomy of the Moving Image, International Symposium on Video Art

Autonomy & Anatomy of the Moving Image – Video & Experimental Cinema in the Last Decade: An international symposium on video art and experimental cinema to be held at the Mamuta Art & Media Center at Hansen Compound, Jerusalem

July 7-9, 2013

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The Mamuta Art and Media Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of the Arts at the Faculty of the Humanities, Arts, Technology, Media and Science Interfaces Seminar, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design – Department of Screen-Based Arts, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, and the Jerusalem Film Festival.

The organizing committee invites scholars and artists to submit proposals for individual papers, organized panels, screenings, and roundtable discussions related to the theme of the conference: “Autonomy & Anatomy of the Moving Image: Video & Experimental Cinema in the Last Decade.”

The conference will explore the ways in which developments in new technologies have turned the Internet into a new platform where the digital/network platform replaces the more traditional support – the tape.

We invite papers that address the narrative and aesthetic developments that are made possible by mechanisms of network and digital media: deconstruction, interaction, randomization, multi-layeredness, browser dependence, real-time broadcast and editability; alteration, combination, and incorporation of various media into video (medium or video elements within them). Youtube, cell phone, and ipad video-culture on the one hand, and the availability of cutting-edge technologies for independent artists and amateurs, on the other hand, have dramatically altered the language, use, possibilities and ways of promotion of moving-image works.