Call for entries
Deadline: 15 April 2013

International Authors’ Film Festival QUEST EUROPE 2013 – August 2013

Entry Form


§ 1 QUEST EUROPE is open to all filmmakers from who create original films. Filmmakers from all countries are eligible to submit their film to Quest Europe.
§ 2 The festival accepts fiction and documentary films between 10 and 90 minutes The films can be shot on any format, and can be submitted for consideration on DVD format.
§ 3 There is no submission fee to Quest Europe. However, submitors must cover the full costs of shipment to the festival. Multiple submissions from the same film maker are allowed, but each submission must be accompanied by a separate submission form and DVD.
§ 4 Each submission should have its title stated at the beginning of the film and the text ‘the end’ at the end of the film. The dvd must be marked with the film’s title, the director’s name and the film’s length. Please write on the DVD with a permanent marker or a sharpie. Do not use stickers, as they will jam up our DVD’s. For dialogues that are not in English or Polish, the film should be subtitled in either English or Polish.
§ 5 Each application should be accompanied with a completed entry form and a CD-ROM containing the following: 5 stills from the film in jpg format (min 300dpi), the photo of the director and a synopsis of the film (in English or Polish).
§ 6 We do not accept films made for commercial purposes or films made in co-operation with members of the Jury, the Pre-selection Commission or the organising committee.
§ 7 All submitted to competition of Quest Europe 2013 films will be considered for competition by the Pre-Selection Committee. The decisions of the Committee are final and no correspondence will be entered into. Films not entered into competition, may be selected for screening at Quest Europe outside the competition.
§ 8 Copies of films submitted for selection will not be returned. Films not accepted by the selection committee for summer festival may be present in special shows of QUEST EUROPE organize in order to promote of the festival.
§ 9 By submitting films to Quest Europe the producer gives the right for the public presentation of the film at the Festival, related presentations and special shows promoting the QUEST EUROPE festival from 2012 to 2025 and also other free shows organized by Lubuska Szkoła Telewizji i Filmu. The producer also gives the right to publish parts of the film (no longer that two minutes) on the official festival website and festival trailers.
§ 10
The producer submitting a film which hasn’t been presenting before
expresses agreement to first public presentation of this film.
§ 11
The program of festival consists of the following sections:
Special shows of the artist, outstanding full-length movies from Europe, shorts from partners festivals
and other submitted short movies to be screened out of competition at venues in Zielona Góra.
The Main competition will be held at the cinema “NYSA” in Zielona Gora. Other events of the festival include pre-selections of the films, photo exhibitions, concerts, parties with film music, etc
§ 12
The three day finale of events will take place at the cinema NYSA from Friday 23th August to Sunday
25th August 2012.
§ 13
A detailed program of competition screenings will be released on Friday 15th July. Authors of works that have been selected for the competition will be notified before this date about the selection of their films.
§ 14
A Jury of professional filmmakers will evaluate films presented in the main competition.
§ 15
The following awards will be presented at this year’s Quest Europe Festival:
GRAND PRIX (fictional category)
GRAND PRIX (documentary category)
SPECIAL PRICE FROM Lubuska School of Film and Television – An award for a one year scholarship at the
Lubuska School of Film and Television.
§ 16
The jury has also right to grant Honourable mentions to films as they see fit.
§ 17
Furthermore will nominate Polish film makers to the prestigious
Jan Machulski Awards in the following categories:
Quest Europe is one of six Polish film festivals that grant these nominations.
§ 18 The director of the festival reserves the right to grant extra prizes depending on the range of films and the depth of their quality.
§ 19 The official notice of the verdict will happen during the final event at the NYSA cinema on the final day of the competition. Prizes will be handed over to the winners on the same day during a ceremony at the official end of the festival. The awards will be given to the authors of the winning films, or persons representing them. Participants who are absent at the closing ceremony will receive a notification of the Jury’s verdict from the festival.
§ 20 Screening copies for the contest should be on DVD. The submitted DVD shall be retained by Quest Europe at the end of the film festival for the archives. The submittor will not receive any financial gain from leaving DVD in the archive of the festival.
§ 21 The copyright of the MFKA QUEST EUROPE Festival submitted films can byno means be restricted and must be held in their entirety by the submitting party. Furthermore it can neither violate the copyright or personal welfare of a third party. In case of providing false information regarding legal status of a film, the author submitting this film will bear all legal expenses resulting from any legal action claimed by a third party.
§ 22 The organisers of Quest Europe retan the rights to refuse a film for Competition or withdraw it from the Competition of there is a breach of these Regulations.
§ 23 The producers submitting a film to the festival agrees to submission of fragments (60 sec.) of films with the purpose of promoting the festival.
§ 24 Films that are selected are to be recorded on a separate print (DVD) and should have opening titles (the title, duration, the names of the filmmakers and the system on format of the recording) and must conclude with ‘The End’. All film prints sent to the festival must be properly packed to assure protection from damage.
§ 25 The producers of films submitted to the festival agree to the procesing of the personal date for the needs of promoting films on the Internet and within other forms of mass media according to the Law from the day 29 August 1997 r. about the protection of the personal data – DZ.U. No. 133, p. 883.
§ 26 All entries must be sent to: Akademia Twórczych PoszukiwaÅ„ – Lubuska SzkoÅ‚a Telewizji i Filmu ‘’QUEST EUROPE” ul. Festiwalowa 3, 65-520 Zielona Góra POLSKA The deadline for receiving films with an enclosed entry form and promotional materials (photos etc) is 15.04 2013.
§ 27
The organizers do not take responsibility for undelivered or delayed films (to the main competition).
§ 28 Quest Europe will provide accomodation in Zielona Gora to one person who represents any film selected for the main competition. Quest Europe will not provide costs of travel.
§ 29 The submission of a film to MFKA QUEST EUROPE 2012 implies that the author accepts these regulations without any restrictions.
§ 30 The Director of the QUEST EUROPE, Marzena Więcek, will solve any issues not included in the above Regulations. Contact: for further details or clarification arising from these rules.
§ 31 Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of an article in these regulations, their original Polish version is binding.

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