Call for entries
Deadline: 22 November 2013

Collaborative Sound Construction Laboratori

Novembre 27, 28 y 29, 2013

In the frame of Zeppelin Festival 2013 Compressed we propose a laboratory to work on collaborative sound construction processes in which decision making will be done jointly.

Intended for sound artists, musicians and people interested in collective sound creation.
The program of the laboratory will be based on proposals from the participants regarding some exercises, such as:

- Collective modification of the same sound material.
– Sound Processing in which each participant controls a stage in the chain.
– Sound analysis to extract data to be exchanged to process sounds.
- Joint creation of landscapes and soundscapes.

The last working session will be open to the public, within the Zeppelin Festival Comprimit2013

Attendees should bring a computer with OSX or Windows (which can be used for communication exercises and not necessarily for sound manipulation).


November 27, 2013.
10.00 a 14:00 – 17.00-20.00.
Aula 2, CCCB

November 28, 2013.
10.00 a 14:00
Aula 2, CCCB

November 29, 2013.
Open Session to public.
Festival Zeppelin Comprimit
Mirador, CCCB.


Inscription is free, only an e-mail must be send to, before November 22, showing the interest on this laboratory and describing in detail which are the sound creation and modification elements to use, regarding machines or instruments to use and programs (if applicable). The acceptation will be communicated by e-mail. Maximum of 15 people.