Call for entries
Deadline: 28 February 2014

A warm hello and a happy belated 2014 to all of you!!!!

This spring Moviemiento is staging the interdisciplinary arts and culture project “Give-Box” together with our partners, La Fée Nadou, in Cévennes, France. The Give-Box film programme will explore the concept of ´Rebirth and Renewal´, and will include more poetic films broaching the topic – think Phoenix Rising – with films with more pragmatic messaging towards the concepts of ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’.

During the 4 week project run, Give-Box will see the building of an actual physical box, made from ‘upcycled’ materials on the grounds of a public school. The purpose of the Give-Box is to promote a new way of thinking about items that we all so often just throw in the trash. To change this thinking from ‘trash’ to ‘treasure’, so to speak, and to give new life to the items through ‘upcycling’, or even more simply, by re-using them. All items will be freely given and freely taken by anyone in the community. The building of the box and the celebration of its realization will be used as educational tools for the community about the topics of waste reduction.

The films will be screened throughout the region on a tour. The purpose which will be to promote the project, and spur more interest in the concepts behind it.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 28 February 2014


All genres are welcome: experimental, documentary, animation, fiction. The film must not be longer than 15 minutes. Format of screenings copies: DVD or link to Vimeo. The screening DVD copies cannot be sent back. If language is important to your film and it is not shot in English or French, it must have English or French subtitles. Please send a copy with subtitles and one without – but best would be, if your film already had French subtitles. Please send the full text of the film in English. If you already have a French translation – would be great! – please send as well.

If you send your film via a link to Vimeo, and the film is selected, we will request a Quicktime version of the film to be sent. If you worry about connectivity for transfer of large files from your region, please send a DVD for your submission.
Entry Form

In addition to the screening copy, please send us the filled-out and signed form, a short synopsis in English and information about the filmmaker, cast and crew which you can download under:

Please send your films to:
Moviemiento e.V., Grünberger Straße 73, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland with the reference “Give-Box” or to