Call for entries
Deadline: 31 March 2014

vkunst frankfurt VI
„mon amie – l’image“
Media and video art exhibition
9/10 May 2014

In May 2014, vkunst Frankfurt will
once again explore and show current
trends and tendencies in video art.
For the sixth time, almost all galleries
as well as some shops in Frankfurt‘s
Fahrgasse will be host of the “roofless
exhibition hall”, right next to the
Frankfurt Museum für Moderne Kunst.
Under the title “mon amie – l’image”
the curators, Christoph von Löw and
Andreas Greulich, inquire the artistic
production of the 21st century. For two
evenings, from 8:00 pm – 12:00 am, the
artists will show projections, interactive
installations and animated computer
art in the gallery windows. Taking
place annually, vkunst frankfurt
provides a constant platform for
both national and international media

Motive 2014:
„mon amie – l’image”
We live in pictures. They are a part of
every life, and everyone has built his
or her personal relationship with
them. In visual art, reality and fiction
become pictorial. The artist’s results
are manifold and direct. The picture
in itself can be both friend and enemy.
It is part of the family and of life.
This is particularly true in the artist’s
view and phantasy. The artists work
with pictures in their heads every day,
in nature, on the wall in front of their
eyes. Friendships and relationships
form. If one separates from one’s
work, the putative friendship lasts.
To a friend one may say everything,
ask him everything, love and hate
him; he can be beautiful or ugly, boring
or exciting. Which friend do I prefer
to be seen with and which friendship
is too intimate for public disclosure,
or are there no boundaries at

“mon amie – l’image” is this year’s title
of vkunst frankfurt. It is in its nature
that art is primarily a visual experience
for the viewer. With this in
mind, the curators of vkunstfrankfurt,
Christoph von Löw and Andreas
Greulich, let themselves be guided in
their concept of the sensuous-pictorial
aspect of video art. What meaning
may the image have for the video
artist? Is it just an end in itself and
appearances? Is the aesthetic deliberately
negated, and the improvised,
i.e. the non-professional, emphasized?
What does the examination of
the picture of our time place emphasis
on? It is the task of vkunst frankfurt
2014 to investigate this.
vkunst award 2014 by
Jochen Latz

As in 2013, the media art prize
“vkunst”, donated by Jochen Latz
and endowed with 2.500,00 Euros,
will be awarded.
An independent jury of curators and
art theoreticians will choose the
award winner for the best exhibited
work. Any recourse to legal action
shall be excluded.

Entry details
This call is open to all media artists.
Each artist may submit one work of art.
Please send your submission on DVD,
CD-Rom or USB-stick by March 31st,
2014 to the address mentioned below.
Each submission must include
– a digital copy of your work on DVD,
CD or USB-stick
– 3 stills (jpg, 300 dpi, max. 20×20 cm)
– a short description of your work and
a short curriculum vitae (all together
no more than 800 characters).
In case of acceptance, they will serve
as base material for the catalogue.
The entry form must be completed and
Further information under