Call for entries
deadline: 1 July 2014

CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
is calling for film & video works for the coming presentations.

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections –
is a worldwide unique initiative by Agricola de Cologne (director of Cologne International Videoart Festival and Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards addressed to young generations of artists and filmmakers to deal with the topic of collective trauma caused by totalitarism by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in art in order to keep vivid the memory for future generations via art.

As a corporate part of “Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards”, the Cologne based platform covering a wide range of activities around “art & moving images”, and based on two previously initiated film collections on collective traum, i.e SFC – Shoah Film Collection ( – founded in 2010) and the collection “Cambodia 1975-1979” ( – founded in 2012), CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collection was initiated to form the dynamic framework and living database for individual film collections dealing with specific forms of collective trauma as they can perceived in different parts on the globe under most different political, economical, social, religious and cultural conditions. There is hardly any country left on our globe where people do not suffer from the excesses of the dark side of human existence.

For presenting CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections, in 2012 a special event context has been created, i.e “A Virtual Memorial – Commemorative Interventions”, which places the divers collections of films and videos in the context of complementary interventions like lectures, a symposion, exhibitions, artists talks, discussions and much more, in order to activate the audience, as well as the artists and filmmakers to deal with the collective trauma which is affecting them personally, their family, their country or nation or continent. In 2012, the first three (3) events took place – “A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012” – standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament, “A Virtual Memorial Phnom Penh 2012”, and “A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012” –, followed by the evnst in Vilnius/Lithuania – A Virtual memorial Vilnius 2013 – http://vilnius20ß and Warsaw/Poland A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013 –, standing both under the Patronage of the European Parliament, and in 2014 A Virtual Memorial Milan 2014, A Virtual Memorial Timisoara 2014 and A Virtual Memorial Jaffa 2014.

As an initiative, CTF would like to give the message to the world that the cause for the collective trauma, the discriminations, violence, persecutions, torture and exterminations caused by totalitarism must no happen again or continue in case of contemporary totalitarism, this is good for the genocides, the state terrorism and other crimes against humanity, like Holocaust, the Stalinism, the Cambodian genocide 1975-1879, the state terrorism of the Argentine military dictorships of 20th century, the Italian Fascism or any other of the countless causes for collective trauma happening in the Past or even nowadays before our very eyes in our neighbor’s garden or transmitted daily via the media like press, TV and Internet. Individual trauma remains very often the basic living condition for a whole human life, as well as the collective trauma may form the psychological condition of a nation for many centuries, if people do not try to overcome the trauma actively.

From the early beginning of human civilization, art was that type of medium which was transporting the individual and collective memory of Past and Present to the Future, so there is no better way for keeping vivid the memory of the collective trauma by sensitizing people via art, and no other artistic expression is more predestined to represent processes than “moving images”.

No matter what kind of crime against humanity one is facing, all of them must be understood as a more or less long lasting process an individual is undergoing, starting already in the smallest social nucleus, i.e. the family, the discriminations in school or the lack of respect for people from different social, cultural, ethnic or religious contexts, the intolerance, thus conditions of daily life, all people on the globe can identify with.

These slowly or rapidly escalating processes may lead under certain political, economical, social and cultural circumstances to the worst excesses human beings are able to as they were happening in 20th century in new industrialized forms, like the Holocaust.

In an artistic sense, the final result of these excesses are less of interest than exploring the escalating processes, i.e. what is happening to the individual at different stages during these processes of increasing discriminations, violence, persecutions and torture.

Very often the contemporary living conditions in a family or society are representing a mirror of the historical processes. In this way, facing the Presence may give an access for understanding the Past to the artist, as well as the viewer of art.

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
would like to motivate the artists and filmmakers from all over the world to search for new exciting visions and approaches including countless emotionally and intellectually challenging aspects, people can identify with.

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
is releasing the call in first place in English, addressed to all artists and filmmakers on the globe, but the call will be soon also available in different languages in order to reach particularly artists and filmmakers in Latin America, the former Eastern block countries including Russia and former Yugoslavia and, regarding the dictatorships in Southern Europe, Portugal, Spain, Italy & Greece.

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
is looking for a variety of artistic forms using the medium of video, i.e. experimental films, videoart and documentaries.

– Deadline: 01 July 2014
– Wanted: single channel videos by film and videomakers from all countries on the globe
– CTF is looking for innovative and experimental approaches in dealing with contents and technology
– The full-length films/videos may originate from the years 2000-2014. Excerpts of videos or films are not accepted!!
– Duration: 60 seconds up to max 15 minutes (exceptions possible on request)
– Max 3 films/videos can be submitted.
– Creations using language and/or text other than English need English subtitles.
– The preview copy should be uploaded for download by using the free upload platforms like SENDSPACE (up to 300 MB) or WE TRANSFER (up to 2GB), after upload please send the link, and CologneOFF will download the film then.
– for review only following video formats are eligible – minimum size–> 720×576 (PAL) or 720×480 (NTSC)or HD:
.mpeg2 (DVD), . mov (Quicktime, H264 codec only), .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media), .flv (Flash video)
– only selected artists will be notified and invited to send a hardcopy of the selected video in best screening quality.
– the selections will be made on an ongoing basis until the final deadline of 1 July 2014

Entry Form – please cut and paste
Please use for each video a new entry form



a) full name
b) full address
c) email, URL
d) short bio (max. 100 words, English only)


a) title English – original (max 3 works)
b) URL home page, (Internet address for download)
c) year of production
d) duration
e) work synopsis (max. 100 words/submission, English only)
f) 2 screenshots for each submitted work (jpg, 800×600 px)

Please add this declaration & sign it with your full name & email address
I, the submitter/author, declare to be the holder of all rights on the submitted work.
In case the work is selected, I give – until revoke – CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections the permission to include the work in the project context online and in physical space for screenings /exhibitions free of charge and use screenshots for non-commercial promotional purposes free of charge, as well. Until revoke means, that the author can remove his work at any time.

Please use for each submission a separate entry form
deadline: 1 July 2014

Please send the submission in both – plain email text and WORD .doc file (also RTF) as attachment to

artvideo (at)
subject: CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections

A Virtual Memorial Foundation

Cologne International Videoart Festival

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Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards
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Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
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nettycalls: generalexhibitionfilm/videoCall for entries deadline: 1 July 2014 CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections is calling for film & video works for the coming presentations. CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections - is a worldwide unique initiative by Agricola de Cologne (director of Cologne International Videoart Festival and Cologne Art & Moving Images...@ The New Museum of Networked Art