Call for entries
Deadline: 15 October 2014

Sense of place, place for sense
18th edition – March 2015 in Toulouse

The artwork taken into consideration in connection or even interaction with the environment, is thought up as a part of this particular place. In this way, artists confront their art with the place, artwork is structured by the place, is thought to fit the place.

So the place is not that empty case to be filled recklessly, but it is an element to be taken into account to get the “be – artwork”.
The purpose is not to erase artwork since its resistance to space allows the artwork to exist. The more it wakes up a space to open to other possibilities… the more interrelationship can be modulated or cause counterpoint .

Physical inclusion in the place reawakens senses differently.

The inclusion in the place reawakens approach location differently.

Experimental art encounters, Traverse Video programs films, videos, installations, performances and art photography.

The selection is made mandatory:

-for movies and videos: on DVD (DVD-Video format to be reproduced on a DVD player), joined to the registration form PAPER with synopsis. In a second phase, for the selected videos, data files will be requested ( Video Codec H264 HD format if possible).

-for performances and installations, add a set of extremely precise specifications with weight and dimensions of the elements.

-for photography, reproductions are requested with indications of the original format.

A specific registration form related to each medium has to be printed from our site, it must be enclosed with your shipment. Media files will only be sent back if a stamped addressed envelope has been added .

Traverse Video Encounters will begin in March, on Wednesday 18th, 2015, your proposals will be received until October 15th, 2014, as attested by postmark.

We hope to receive many answers and we invite you to visit our website: