Call for entries
Deadline: 12 June 2015

28th INSTANTS VIDEO (November 2015)
6/11: International encounters
6/29: Exhibition of video and digital installations

You expected me virgin. I expected you not to be a dumbass.


The festival Les Instants Vidéo is an event dedicated to media arts (video and digital). Every year, we present an international selection of video arts, one channel, installations, performances, experimental documentaries, … and open spaces of time for different forms of encounters.

The title for this year festival (not definitive) is You expected me virgin. I expected you not to be a dumbass.
1) We are prisoners of the image we have of the other (the foreigner, the poor, the opposite sex, the other sexuality, the revolutionary, the poet…).
2) We are free each time we refuse to be kept in the dream of the other (fascist, racist, sexist, moraliser, religious…).
3) The time has come for images to migrate, as well as for us so as to escape from stereotypes which make us monsters.

Artists don’t have to follow the lines above. Be sure we will watch your work with attention, being aware that electronic poetry is fragile, delicate : a quivering…
We will inform you about the place and date of screening of your work by october 2015.

Entry form

Artist name:




Title of the work :
Genre: (Vidéo art/documentary/Installation/Performance)

Synopsis in English (and French if possible): (800 characters maximum)

Date of production:
Running time:
Original language:
Sound: Stereo – Mono – No sound
Color: Black and white

The completed entry form represents the candidate’s consent to the rules and regulations below.

Art. 1- We ask no fees for the festival registration.

Art. 2 – Videos must be submitted for selection before June 12th , 2015 and sent:
– on a DVD, Blu-ray, by mail.
– through the Internet with…
– via a File Transfer Protocol server (FTP) for heavier files.
– on a USB device with a stamped and addressed return envelope.

Art. 3 – Each entry must include (in French and English when necessary):
+ the art work + the registration form + two pictures (Tiff, png or Jpeg, 300 dpi) of the work for communication purpose.

– Each video and file must be labelled as followed:
First name NAME of the artist (Country)/ Title (lengh, year)

Art. 4 -The artist give up their rights during the Festival. The entrances are free for all.

Art. 5 – Videos or media excerpts might be used for the promotion of the festival (catalogue, newspaper, Internet, TV…).

Art. 6 – Every work selected will enter the Instants Vidéo digital archives unless otherwise clearly stated in the submission form. They will also enter a database which will be net-accessible.

Art. 7 – Every work might be used in cultural events in France or abroad, with the artist’s previous agreement. No commercial use will be made.

Contacts Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques
Friche la Belle de Mai – 41 rue Jobin -13003 Marseille – France
+ 33 (0)4 95 04 96 24

International event supported by The Ministry of Culture (DRAC PACA), The Regional Council (PACA), the General Council of Les Bouches-du-Rhône, The City of Marseille.