Call for entries
Deadline: 25 June 2015


Call for entries: Works lasting one second or less.
The festival is also interested in texts and essays.

The festival takes place on the leap second which occurs
30th June 2015 23:59:60 UTC.

Submission at festival website:
The closing date for submissions is the 25th of June.

The leap second festival is an open, free, distributed, international,
non-profit festival for art, technology and precarity coordinated on
the Internet. The festival intends to take place on every leap second
in the years to come. The first festival took place in 2012 and is
documented at

This second festival marks the 26. leap second and will be arranged
the 30th of June 2015 23:59:60 (UTC), lasting one second. During this
second all the works are exhibited, performed, and executed. The event
is documented afterwards.

The festival focus is on the leap second as
i) deviation and glitch, a bug in the machination of time,
ii) a reality-check and celebration (glitz) of natural cycles taking
place at the moment when the ideal time we have on our clocks is
synchronized with the real time based on the rotation of the earth;
iii) precarity, an unpredictable and insecure condition, affecting
material/physical and social/psychological welfare – from how this
inserted second wreaks havoc in computers worldwide, to how a technology
(of time and production) aggravate the precariat as social class;
iv) a marginal and intermittent existence, short and discontinuous,
autonomous and freely self-inserted/-exploited/-realized/-precarizated,
v) as art, out of time, out of order, out of line, a defiant leap;
vi) a school of sudden realization, perhaps – without past or future –
not here, not now, not this, not that – letting time fall away, together
with its minions – becoming vast and expansive beyond the seconds of the
wobbling earth – with the leap second as their paradox.

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