Call for entries
Deadline: 15 October 2015

19th edition – March 2016 in Toulouse

Theme: The atypical trouble(d)

To see is to recognize, and recognize is reassuring. The word “like” as a comparison, stays active in the different arts’ approaches and critics. Such an approach is continuing to believe in the transparency of the comprehension and in an unfolding artwork, or story.
Experimental art, as it is defined, run away from the obedience to the codes and formats. It refuses to follow the type, the model. However, it shakes the habits and excites the mind’s potentialities and capacities to not restrict just to the invention, or just to the new for the new, which is just the inverted accomplice of the word “like”. And it prefers the advention -invented word for a thing which appears, happens, new and not just found-
This words association disturbs the unicity of the reading. The atypical as a subject, troubles the one that founds it, the atypical as a noun is a trouble because it dismantles the wait.
The atypical is the link between something so close and something so far away, it is worrying just like what “connects the things we know for a long time, and familiar since forever”
The fact that the experimental art likes strangeness, atypical and practical, there’s always suspicions about its legitimacy. The other scares, the atypical troubles.

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