extended deadline: 1 December 2015
Call for entries

Call for projects:
Luminale 2016 – Biennale of Lighting Culture
2016, March 13 – 18

Register now – up until 2015, September 15. Pre-registration for Luminale 2016
For more than 12 years now, Luminale has been held every two years, alongside the Light+Building trade fair. With its 250.000 visitors at the last event (in 2014), it is now firmly established internationally as the Biennale of Lighting Culture. Luminale forms the evening programme for the 210.000 visitors of Light+Building. The combination of trade fair and city event transforms Frankfurt into a unique centre for lighting-related issues and brings together the “who is who” in the sector from manufacturers to designers and artists. It is an opportunity to see and be seen; an opportunity that occurs – in this -concentrated form, at least – only once every two years during Light+Building. A shuttle service links the fair ground and the city. Luminale is a platform for ideas and innovations that relate to lighting, energy efficiency, the application of new technologies and materials and to the quality of life in our cities. Participation in Luminale is a tried and tested instrument for gaining public attention.

How do I set about participating?
Pre-registration / Submission of projects
Designers, lighting planners, artists, manufacturers and cultural institutions can register their projects at the Luminale Project Office.
Possible projects are, for example: installations and designer items in the public domain, architectural lighting, illuminations, performances, displays and exhibitions, guided tours, symposia, lectures and receptions (launches, private views, parties etc).
The last date for pre-registration is 2015, September 15.

The project must take place during Light+Building 2016, March 13 – 18 in Frankfurt or Offenbach, must be open to the public and represent a contribution to the development of lighting culture in general.
All substantive, organisational and financial liability is to be borne by the applicant for registration.
No prior automatic right to be included in the programme and in the publicity for Luminale exists. The decision as to whether or not a project is accepted as part of the Luminale programme lies solely with the Project Office.

Please fill in a pre-registration form for your Luminale project and submit it for approval to the Project Office.
Please also include additional information, describing the proposed project. We shall then get in contact with you to discuss how to proceed. We regret that we are unable to return any such materials to the applicant. The materials for a contractual registration will be sent to you after this preliminary exchange of information.

Please complete the registration form – to be downloaded from here –

and return it to: luminale@messefrankfurt.com
Please send all other materials by post only to:

Westermann Kommunikation
Luminale Project Office
Stiegelgasse 39
D-55218 Ingelheim
Tel: +49 69-7575-3200