Deadline: 18 January 2016
Call for entries

“The Sea”
Exhibition – Talks – 18.3. – 13.5.2016
Place of desire and food source, oxygen producer and transport road,
habitat and energy provider, holiday paradise and myth.

Sea level is rising, land submerges, corals die, plastic forms islands
and kills animals, eutrophication creates dead zones, overfishing
destroys income, petroleum endangers humans and animals, beaches get
lost and sand is stolen.

What do artists say? Do they see alternatives?

We invite interested artists to apply for participation in
the exhibition with max. three works /series.

Formats: No specifications (objects, photography, painting, graphics,
video, sound, performance)

Deadline for appliance 18.1.16
Install 13.3., 17-19:00
Opening 18.3., 19:00
Artists’ talk 1.4., 19:00
Lecture 22.4. “The Sea”, N.N., 19:00
Finissage 13.5., 19:00
Removal 13.5., 17-19:00
Location: Projectspace of Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Application: Send us a short profile with your CV, and a description of
your work with reference to the advertised topic, incl. format
specifications and required technical equipment.

Application form: by E-Mail max. 2MB to:

We are a free, self-organized project space. For production, technical
equipment, transport and insurance (however the space is insured) there
is no budget.

Projectspace of Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19
10999 Berlin


Curators: Tom Albrecht, Maria Korporal