Deadline: 1 May 2016
Call for entries

Pixelache Helsinki 2016 Festival – Interfaces for Empathy
Festival dates: 22. – 25.9.2016

For whom: artists, activists, scientists, thinkers and doers + everything in between also groups and collectives.

For what: performances, interventions, installations, talks, workshops, actions, processes, in any field.

The perspective that Pixelache’s 2016 festival Interfaces for Empathy explores is one of empathy. The festival sets out to engage with the question and proposal that maybe empathy could be learned, found or especially re-found through bodily experience and presence or experimental communication that is not limited only in between humans. The festival embraces embodied and alternate visions of perception that distance us from the perceptual machines that we might be in danger of becoming due to sense-altering medias and augmented realities. Is it possible, through this very basic ability to sense or identify, to change the narrative of the human-kind towards being a more balanced part of the ecosystems we live within? The dimension of empathy we are especially exploring in this years festival is on microlevel; individual experience, identity and on personal relations.

The festival’s main venue is Lapinlahti former psychiatric hospital in central Helsinki, Finland. Despite of the hospital area’s central location in the city, it is situated close to the sea and surrounded by big park & cemetery. There are several indoor and outdoor spaces in the environment that used to be part of the first psychiatric institution of Finland. The festival also reaches out to other places in the city through collaboration with Kiasma – the Museum of Contemporary Art and MUU galleries.

Some projects from the festival will be chosen to tour in two other towns in Finland, Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi, in November 2016.

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Please send your proposal through the online form at website. The information about the call results will be sent in May 2016. The festival program is planned through collaborative process by festival co-directors Mari Keski-Korsu and Petri Ruikka, Pixelache member & artist Egle Oddo, researchers Katri Saarikivi and Valtteri Wikström from NEMO research group and Helsinki University, artist and professor from IT University of Copenhagen Laura Beloff and other Pixelache members.

If you have any questions, please contact