Deadline: 1 May 2016
Call for entries

Transart Triennale 2016
open call for projects & new “The Imperceptible Self” scholarships

Transart Triennale 2016 continues this August in Berlin with a three day event featuring exhibitions, performance series, food and movement labs, music, dance, film and video series and a symposium on the theme ‘The Imperceptible Self’.

Current Open Calls for Projects include:

Curated by Rachel Dedman (LEB/UK)
Curator Rachel Dedman is seeking submissions of written texts, in any language, for a research-driven exhibition exploring science fiction. The project is interested in the ways in which artists and writers are using the critical possibilities of sci-fi to address contemporary themes such as memory, identity, conflict, placehood and the self. Texts might deal with the iconography or ideology of science fiction’s historical forms; with utopia and dystopia; with landscape and architecture; and with associated concerns of the future and time. Texts can be fictive or non-fictive. Short-form responses, statements, stories or poems of 200-500 words are encouraged, but the call also accepts submissions of longer-form texts up to roughly 2000 words in length. As the exhibition will focus on science fiction in the Middle-East, the curator particularly welcomes writing in Arabic.

Call + Application Form:

Minus EGO | Renouncing. Disappearing. Sharing
Curated by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio (ESP)
Curator and researcher Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio is seeking submissions of works, in any media – with particular interest in performance, sound, video, writing and installation – for an exhibition and seminar exploring the condition of EGO. The project addresses the universal and timeless question of ‘ego’, focusing on the challenging aspects of its reduction, as well as on the search of its contemplative essence.

Call + Application Form:

Zones of Sensitivity
Curated by Ladan Yalzadeh (USA)
One afternoon. Nine writers. Nine readers. Ten minutes each. Zones of Sensitivity invites writers and poets to submit a 3000 word piece around the themes of ‘The Imperceptible Self’, to be included in an afternoon of readings as part of the Transart Triennale 2016. The texts will be read aloud as well as printed in the online program and available to the public.

Call + Application Form:

Curated by Andrea Spaziani (CA)
SPACEBODIES is an exhibition of time-based and performance work on expanded definitions of ‘space’, and its affective (im)materiality. Can space exist without a body to contain it? Can a body exist without space to fill it? What is the affective dialogue between these enmeshed trajectories of flow. This exhibition is for works that dance with their own existence. This exhibition has already happened; maybe you were there, maybe not. Either way it is locked in time, but its perception will continue to change. How might the inclusion of new work change its future? For SPACEBODIES II, works that specifically investigate interstitial, transitional, or emergent space are of interest. This is not a reproduction. We will work together on a live evolution. There will be cross-fades and overlap, and we will collaborate on a choreographic sequence. We will attempt a fluid modality of viewership that challenges traditional conventions. What kind of space does our work produce together, this time?

Call + Application Form:

Iconographic Dictionary on Collective and Collaborative Artistic Practices
Curated by Paz Ponce (ESP)
The aim of this project is to wonder what are the shapes, formats, content, tactics and aesthetics of collective and collaborative artistic practices. The nature of the projects gathered by this dictionary is open. What we are interested in portraying is, precisely, the variety of frameworks enveloping collective and collaborative artistic processes. Given that we are talking about approaches to art production rather than objects, the challenge lies, then, in identifying the forms these processes manifest into; their resonances. What stays from these ‘trading zones’ where new modes of trust and knowledge are built and exchanged between the various social actors conveying in these temporary joint creative spaces? Are there formats, patterns or shapes that permeate all this immaterial landscape of encounters, relationships, in between-ness, negotiations, conflicts and consensus?

Call + Application Form:

Announcing two new $4000 ‘The Imperceptible Self’ Scholarships for artists and curators working in Social Practices
In connection with the three year Transart Triennale research projects, Transart Institute is pleased to announce two new Scholarships for candidates with a demonstrated history of working with Socially Engaged Practices and whose project proposal for the MFA program would follow this trajectory. Proposed projects will resonate with Transart research areas: Identity; Exile; Role of Art in Peace and Mediation; Space In Between; International Diaspora, Post-Nationalism and Post-Colonialism; Home; Temporary Architecture; Cultural Engagement through Food; Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny; or Publicness, Collaboration and the Social and this current triennale theme, The Imperceptible Self.

Admissions and scholarships deadline May 1st

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