Deadline: 11 August 2016
Call for entries

:::: #anticipation

let’s be clear from the beginning,
when we say #anticipation we mean:
driving forward into the mouth of a particular reality-tunnel
(r.i.p. <--> RAW),,

and (always and)
how history is made
(excluding as-of-yet undocumented
minor histories? )…

…so let’s make a history happen sooner-or-later!

1. imagine a future.

2. write to us with a proposal for a means of culturally disseminating that vision of the future over the internet. we will be happy to discuss the specifics of how that could happen and what kind of support that we can offer support in realizing ideas technically. we want you to focus on how you imagine in your mind “audiences audiencing”. what will the user experience of your vision be like?

:::: NOTE::: we have recently gained a huuuuge influx of Facebook Friends in Nepal, so we will likely be m ildly biased towards entries that consider how that future might incorporate a college-age person living in Kathmandu today (or their ancestors). [[[unless yr one of the Nepalese in which case we urge you to consider the perspective of someone from the cities of the Americas and Europe]]]


:::::::::::NOTE END :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

we will work with 3-5 selected artists (and/or groups of artists [[collectives welcome!!]]]]) to fully develop the ideas into an interactive internet experience which will the be presented in the fall of 2016 and the winter of 2017. the experience will be freely accessible to the public for 30-90 days (exact timelength chosen by artist[s]), after which it will be archived behind a paywall system similar to those used by on-line news outlets. artist or collectives will receive a modest honorarium (US $50-$200) as well as the lion’s share of all income generated by the paywall system.

DEADLINE!!! August, 11th 2016.

don’t send us work samples, we’ll look at yr website/tumblr/instagram/twitter/vimeo/youtube/etcetcetc.

send yr submissions: