Deadline: 10 September 2016
Call for entries


Means of artistic action, strategic options, and creative leeway in a Europe of/with shifting borders.

Open call for artists, critical writers, activists, and poets to present their work, share their ideas or develop their projects around re-imagining Europe and basic questions of decision-making.

The selected participants will be invited to present and discuss their project at the KUNSTHALLE AM HAMBURGER PLATZ in Berlin from early-October to mid-November. Travel costs or presentation honorarium will be covered.

Europe – whether conceived as a political, economic, or cultural entity – can no longer be taken for granted, and not only its future, but also its present form is in imminent question.

Re-image, re-invent, or re-envision Europe!

We are looking for: utopias, dystopias, imaginative cartographies, speculative political visions/theories, future Europes, past/present Europes reimagined, imaginary/real borders, etc.

How do we stabilize unstable situations, political, social as well as artistic ones? What can politics learn from art, as processes of destabilisation are critical in the art experience? Is choice possible in a world of stable-unstable politics? Is there good or bad stability? How do we mediate between destabilisation, multiple identities, interpretation, choice and change?

We are looking for: models/theories of decision-making, speculative forms of art in governance of art and politics, critical models/theories of de/stabilisation, choice, change, multistability, fractivity, self-reflection, and the like…

The format of participation is fully open. We invite poetic and artistic sketches, as well as political and/or radical drafts. Please include in your proposal a short description/sketch of your work, and a short bio.

Send your proposals/ideas to
no later than 10th September 2016. We welcome your entry! is organised by Axel Roch and John Koster in collaboration with the KUNSTHALLE AM HAMBURGER PLATZ, an institution of the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin; agency is the lzmb e.V. The project is funded by the EU.

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