Deadline: 20 July 2016
Call for entries

Group Global 3000, Berlin*

*Call for Works*

*The Age of mankind
*We create a new epoch of the Earth

*1**6**.**9**.**201**6**– **4**.**11.**201**6*
*Exhibition – Talks*

The way we live our life is creating a new age, the so called
“Anthropocene”. Modern man is present from the deep sea to the edge of
the atmosphere and affects the course of evolution. His action will be
visible in the distant future. Human activity has a completely new
quality since the end of World War II. Thanks to the rapid growth of
humanity, mankind has a geological imprint globaly, rather than just
being one factor among many.

New worldwide geological structures are our cities made of glass and
concrete. To the climate change contribute road trips, flights, freight
transport. Plastic, other synthetic materials to radiating elements are
ubiquitous in the biosphere and many of them durable over long
geological periods. Dams that retain sediments in the upper reaches of
rivers have long-term consequences. Ships and planes carry thousands of
alien species from one continent to another.

What does the artist say? We invite interested artists to apply for
participation in the exhibition

*Formats:*No specifications (objects, photography, painting, graphics,
video, sound, performance)

*Dates: *
Deadline: 20.7.2016
Install: 13.9.16, 17-19:00
Opening: 16.9.16, 19:00
Artists’ talk: 30.9.16, 19:00
Lecture: …, 19:00, N.N.
Finissage: 11.11.16, 19:00
Removal**after Fin. and 15.11.16,17-19:00

*Location: *Projectspace of Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

*Application: *Send us a short profile with your CV, and a description
of your work for the exhibition, incl. format specifications and
required technical equipment*. *

*Form of Application:*by email with max. 2MB

We are a free, self-organized project space. For production, technical
equipment, transport and insurance (The space is insured) there is no

Curators: Tom Albrecht, Robert Günther