Deadline: 24 December 2016
Call for entries

Leap Second Festival 2016

Open call: Projects and works lasting one second or less.
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The festival takes place New Year’s Eve, 31th December 2016 23:59:60 UTC on
the extra leap second squeezed in between 2016 and 2017. During this second
all the projects and works will be exhibited, performed, and executed.


For the 2016 festival we are looking for works that emphasize a
collaborative, experimental, project-based approach that in various ways
embed the leap second idea and function as events in themselves. With its
awkward and impossible format, the focus of the festival is a questioning
of art and its appearance, materiality, objecthood, phenomenology, or their
negations or impossibilities, leading to an exploration of media in search
of itself as an appearing/disappearing form or questioning/rejecting it.

How can an artistic practice catch/reflect/express such a precarious
situation, an uncertain non-event, an immaterial/virtual moment, an
untimely, unsuitable intervention? And how can it challenge exhibition
models and force new ways of disseminating works?

We’re also looking for projects and works exploring deviation, glitch, and
wobble; interventions in and hacking of the machination of time; reality
check and celebration of natural cycles alining systemic/conceptual cycles;
precarity as an unpredictable and insecure condition of a technology of
time and production affecting material/physical and social/psychological
welfare; a marginal and intermittent existence, short and discontinuous,
autonomous and freely self-inserted/-exploited/-realized/-precarizated;
untimely art, out of time, out of order, out of line, a defiant leap.


The Leap Second Festival is a distributed, decentralized event for art,
technology and precarity, coordinated on the net. This is the third
festival in the series. The festival is held on leap seconds announced by
IERS (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service). The
previous festivals in 2015 and 2012 saw more than 100 works worldwide, from
split-second videos, audio and musical works, to conceptual- and
instructional art, network- and timespecific performances, and sculpture.
The festivals have support from the Arts Council Norway.

The Leap Second Festival 2012 and 2015 catalogues are available at and

Leap Second Festival 2016: 31th December 23:59:60 – 1st January 2017 00:00:00 (UTC)

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