Deadline: 14 November 2016
Call for entries

Submission is open to local and national sound artists (please note that artists must be Canadian
citizens currently residing in Canada to be eligible for this program).

Deadline: Submissions must arrive by 4:00 PM on Monday, November 14th, 2016
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+15 Soundscape: Sound artists from across Canada are invited to submit multichannel sound art proposals
for the +15 pedway system located in Arts Commons (specific location overlooks the Scene Shop and is
located between Calgary City Hall and the Glenbow Museum). The selected piece must be a minimum of
60 minutes in length and will loop continuously for three-four months. This project reaches a diverse
population of all ages; content must be suitable for public spaces. Please keep in mind that audiences may
experience one minute of the piece, or the piece in its entirety on an ongoing basis.
Please note that faxed or emailed submissions will not be reviewed.
Arts Commons: As the third largest performing arts centre in Canada (after the National Arts Centre in
Ottawa and Place Des Artes in Montreal) , Arts Commons is an ever evolving space featuring music, theatre,
dance and visual and media arts of all kinds. As a civic partner to the City of Calgary, Arts Commons’ main
function is to care for our facility which is over 13 acres of public space. Fundamentally, that we means we
are unique and have unique challenges that come with publically accessible spaces; we are not a gallery,
museum or dedicated exhibition space. We are a working performing arts space through which hundreds of
citizens pass each day. In the 2014-2015 Season alone, over 1000 artists worked and performed here
through us and our resident companies. Arts Commons along with our six resident companies employs an
additional 240 full-time arts professionals.
Operating in tandem with that main function, Arts Commons Presents is the programming team (of five
persons) within Arts Commons. Engaging with over 48,000 patrons alone, we present over 100 musicians,
speakers and comedians on our stages, facilitate and program over 120 visual and media artists throughout
the building, and program Arts Learning opportunities through 120 artists for almost 10,000 students in any
one season. Arts Commons Presents includes concerts, education, visual and media arts events and
community events; these areas often work together or are complimentary.
Arts Commons Presents invests significantly in emerging and mid-career artists. We value innovative,
thought-provoking work that is also community minded. What this means to you as an artist is our
relationship will often not start or end with a single exhibition, interaction or performance. The intent is to
grow those diverse arts experiences with you; we value your work and believe it contributes the diversity of
Calgary’s cultural fabric and fosters a compassionate society of culturally engaged citizens.

+15 Soundscape Application Form
Submission Process:
Eligibility of work:
 Must have been completed within the past five years.
 Must be appropriate for a diverse population of all ages; content must be suitable for public spaces.
 The creator’s primary residence is in Canada – must be a Canadian citizen.
 Minimum 60 minutes in length.

Please include:
 Artist CV (maximum two pages per artist(s)).
 Artist Statement/description of the artwork (maximum 500 words).
 Artist(s) biography (maximum 400 words).
 CD of the proposed work in its entirety or an excerpt of no less than fifteen minutes. Include a
stereo reduction for multichannel work for reference purposes only. *Please note: Successful
applicants will be required to provide files that are compatible with SFX multichannel software.
 Signed application form.
 Self-addressed stamped envelope (Arts Commons will dispose of any materials not selected that
were not accompanied with a SASE).

Technical Information for the Artist:
The system is made up of an Apple Mac Pro computer using Figure 53’s QLab v3 playback software
which plays through a MOTU 24Ao USB audio interface to drive fifteen (15) discreet channels of
amplification, powering twelve (12) ceiling speaker channels and three (3) sub channels. The ceiling
speakers are positioned alternately to the left and right of the centre of the +15 corridor. Along
one side of the corridor there are three (3) in-wall subwoofers for low frequency or effect use.
**The final audio files used for the installation should be wave files, mono, or stereo which can
be assigned to the discreet ceiling speaker and the sub channels as required by the artist. See
floor map attached for speaker placement.
Loss or Damage: While every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage, the Selection Committee,
Arts Commons and their agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage of submission items, however
caused. Faxed submissions will not be reviewed.
Artist’s Name (please print):_____________________________________
Artist’s Signature______________________________________________ Date:_____________________
Email:________________________________________ Tel:_____________________________________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Postal Code: ____________________
Title of work:__________________________________________________________________________
Year of completion:______________________ Duration of completed Sound Piece:________________

Address your submission to:
Arts Commons
Attention: Natasha Jensen: +15 Soundscape
205-8th Avenue SE, Calgary AB, T2G 0K9
ARTS COMMONS+15 Soundscape Map

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