Deadline: 31 March 2017
Call for entries


FONLAD – International Video Art and Performance Festival is an event oproduced by Videolab Project. It is intended to promote the art productions of several artists who approach the new technologies in contemporary art.
The Festival is open to all national and international artists working on digital art, video and performance.
The Festival will take place in several places in Coimbra, presenting performance, video art and installations in unconventional places between in June 2017.
The theme of the Festival is free.
Dead line: March 31, 2017

Submissions and more information:


FONLAD festival was created with the purpose of promoting the research and the use of the new media in contemporary art. With that purpose, it promotes, since 2005, exhibitions, video art, installation projects, online exhibitions, residences and tutoring in order to present artists and encourage them to develop their work using budding technologies.
Part of the Festival’s activities will happen within the Residencies Program that will be scheduled bettween April 22 and May 7, offering the artists the opportunity of expanding their work experience and develop projects that are included in the Coimbra’s Festival.
The program allows resident artists to develop a specific practice of research, during their residency, which includes the participation in some of the Festival’s activities, such as exhibitions, performances, installations projects. The artists’ residence will be enriched by visits to museums, and studios and cultural exchanges with other artists.
The participants are, also, allowed an active role in the organization of the Festival’s activities. The residence will have a duration of two weeks, from which the three last days of each of the two weeks will be devoted to the program. The first weekend will be destined to presenting the activities, the lodging and cultural environment, including visits to museums in the citie.

Residence program’s schedule:
The works accepted for the residencies are: video art works, installations and performances.
All residents will be lodged in private homes, in a private room. The residents could use of the kitchen for their own cooking.
Also for the residents will be allowed the use a studio, equipped with an Imac laptop and PC with a compatible software, though the use of a personal traveler’s computer is encouraged.
Each resident will present their work in a designated space.
The Festival will not support travelling and food expenses. The materials and equipment will be provided by the organization of the Festival according to a specific request.

FEE: 150 euros

June 9 to 24, 2017

Dead Line for submissions: January 31, 2017

Rules and submission form: