Deadline: 28 February 2017
Call for entries

Award Submissions For A Maze. / Berlin 2017 International Independent Videogames And Playful Media Festival

A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 (26-29th of April 2017) is looking for submissions of videogames, Virtual Reality experiences and other forms of interactive digital media. We are welcoming submissions from videogame/VR developers, artists, creative technologists and others.

The award categories are:

Most Amazing Award
The Grand Prize of the A MAZE. Awards goes to the most relevant, forward-thinking interactive and playful content. We premiere the best work overall – in terms of art, innovation, music, story and interaction. The prize is dedicated to the masterpiece of the award selection that shows us a path we never walked before.

Human Human Machine Award
This award goes to the best game that can be played by two or more people in the same room (local multiplayer), and includes some digital element – fully analog games won’t be accepted.

Long Feature Award
This is the award for complex games and deve loping virtual reality worlds. Those are the ones, who challenge your life by offering immersive storytelling and much more than 2hrs gameplay.

Digital Moment Award
Poems, statements, experiments, short experiences – expressions of socio-critical messages, personal or comedic life situations and feelings through an interactive medium. Maybe a sensual mechanic, a toy that gives the player a surprising twist in their experience.

Collider Award
Mash everything! Foster interdisciplinary productions! This is the award for all forms of experiences created in collaboration with science, makers, engineers, researchers, theater and writers. It also includes alternative controllers, interactive installations and creative coding experiments, robotics and tech performances.

More info and submission here:

A MAZE. / Berlin is a festival focussing on the discussion of videoga mes and interactive media in a broader cultural context that operates at the intersection of media, art, technology and culture.

A MAZE. interacts with different creative scenes including Johannesburg/ South Africa, Rijeka/ Croatia, Cluj/ Romania, Ramallah/ Palestine, Moscow/ Russia, Abu Dhabi/ UE, Kharkiv/ Ukraine and Berlin/ Germany. A MAZE. / Berlin in April and A MAZE. / Johannesburg in September are the annual festivals that highlight interactive digital works beyond the mainstream.