deadline: 27 March 2017
Call for entries

Call For Sound/Sonic Artists, Composers And Musicians To Contribute To ‘Medium’ Audio Project

The Zuckerman Museum of Art (ZMA) in Atlanta GA invites sound/sonic artists, composers and musicians to contribute to an upcoming audio release to accompany an art exhibition entitled ‘Medium’.

Medium will feature a number of regional and internationally renowned artists, whose work will be further contextualized via a range of documentary material from noted institutions in parapsychological research.

Medium considers how intangible vestiges of the past complicate, and in fact, haunt our contemporary world. A familiar interpretation of this persistent and disruptive presence is the ghost, traditionally understood as the spirit of a dead person. In mid-nineteenth century America, a group known as the spiritualists promulgated the belief that the spirit world could be contacted by “mediums.” These mediums could speak to the dead and carry their messages to the living.

The exhibition is advanced as a kind of séan ce with the artists serving as intermediaries. Central to this effort is the attempt to make some form of contact with the unknown—to access the inaccessible.

The ZMA is demonstrating its commitment to original programming and content by releasing an original collection of audio material, as a conceptual ‘twin’ to the art exhibition. ‘Medium’ (audio) will be released in partnership with the Grammy award-winning record label Dust to Digital.

Medium (audio) will feature a number of original works from sound/sonic artists, composers and musicians, alongside compelling, previously unreleased documentary audio from the archives of institutions such as the American Society for Paranormal Research (USA), The Society for Psychical Research (UK), and the University of West Georgia.

Deadline for submissions: March 27, 2017
Submission materials:
Artist’s contact details
A portfolio of up to 3 previous works – if possible, please send us links to the works, such as soundcloud, bandcamp, Youtube, etc. You can also send your portfolio via WeTransfer or Dropbox, etc.
There is no submission fee

Submit all the required materials to


Artists whose practice intersects with parapsychology, mediumship, spiritualism, magical thinking, out of body experiences, EVP, shamanism or other related phenomena are highly encouraged to submit.

Furthermore, we are interested in receiving applications from artists who create or manipulate sound via unique approaches.