Deadline: 10 March 20ß17
Call for entries

SENSORIUM SPACE – Video Performances + Written Texts

SENSORIUM SPACE, is currently seeking for video performances and written texts to be showcased on the 2nd cultural intervention, Tactile Bodies: Live Performance Art Series, that will be held on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of June, 2017, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The tactile body measures information arising from physical interaction with its environment. The body of the performer receives all the sensory input from the viewer’s energy. The information travels between the viewer and the artist who is performing in the coexistent space and time, processing a conscious part of calculative data and preset ideas, with the notion of unconscious meditative inner concerns coupled with the intuitive impulse, in a unique moment between invitation and discouragement. The body is in a constant relationship with different physical experiences leading to the manifestation of the present moment.

What does the somatosensory cortex of the brain do while the viewer is experiencing a video performance or a text?

The cultural intervention entitled “Tactile Bodies” will host live performances by,
in an alphabetic order,

Soufia Bensaid
Christina Georgiou
Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
Francesco Kiais
Marcel Sparmann
Nicolina Stylianou
Anniken Weber

The selection of video performances and written text will be presented throughout the cultural interventions alongside with the Live Performances of the invited artists. The profile of the selected artists will be added to the ‘Tactile Bodies’, catalogue.

The videos and text presentation will be curated by SENSORIUM SPACE – Nicolina Stylianou and Penelope Vasquez Hadjilyra.

Call Opening : 05.02.2017
Submission Deadline: 10.03.2017
Submission fee: 5 EUR per submission

Selected artists will be required to forward the original file upon selection.
Selected artists will need to sign a presentation license.

Selection Panel:
Nicolina Stylianou Performance Artist and Founder/Curator of SENSORIUM SPACE (
Christina Georgiou Performance Artist and Founder/Curator of CIPAF (
Penelope Vasquez Hadjilyra Architect and Coordinator/Curator of SENSORIUM SPACE (

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