Deadline: 15 June 2017
Call for entries

Summer Course / Residency Program – Step Not Beyond – What Is The Creative Act? (1) : The Sea, Retreat

Step Not Beyond is the name of a small school and of a philosophical disposition: go toward the limit of your thought, experience, work, but not beyond it. Be a tightrope walker, an acrobat who lightly treads across the abyss that is internal and external, creative and political.

Through a series of Summer courses the SNB School engages a single comprehensive question without disciplinary borders (relevant to children, astrobiologists, and artists): “What is the Creative Act?”

More than any other area of human activity, art envisions possible new earths. That is to say, sustainable and creative relations with our planet. For this imagination one has to cross considerable conceptual distances and travel across unpredictable territories. To this end, the Summer School on the Adriatic island of Cres invites participants to a week-long immersion into the sea – a natural and thinking force – in order to engage its impact in ar t and politics. Through daily workshops, participants will produce a series of multiples as reactions to themes and experiences of the week, including: texts (for writers), sounds (for composers), images (for artists), dishes (for chefs), performances (for dancers), drawings and plans (for architects), or concepts (for philosophers). The classroom will be both inside and outside, taking place at the Stanzia Castellani, a 17th-century farmhouse surrounded by an organic farm, where theory and lived experience can come together in a palpable way.

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