Deadline: 10 October 2017
Call for entries


VOS | Virtual Open Space – Roland Wegerer

Taste and Smell are two sensory impressions, which are represented in art in a low level.
What is good or bad taste? How do we realize smell?
What about taste in cooking, art, choosing opportunities,
… and the smell of danger, joy, flowers, the sea,…?

VOS #7 is now calling for digital artworks who give these two tastemakers an appearance. There is also the question about HOW to bring this kinds of unvisual experiences to digital medias?
Still, there are all kinds and types of digital arts allowed and highly appreciated to represent this strong theme!

VOS is looking for any kind of digital artworks that can be embedded in a website.
This is an online / ongoing project by Roland Wegerer (

Deadline: October 10,2017