Deadline: 12 December 2017
Call for entries

Call for innovative/daring music and digital arts projects for the
2018 ODYSSEE Artist-In-Residence Program at The Dominicains [a re-purposed convent] in Alsace, France; Submission Deadline: Dec.12, 2017.–apply

We will offer you an exceptional and warm context to work in, technical help, a place to live in, a salary for your time at ours, stipends and of your course we will cover your travel expenses to join us in Guebwiller (France). We are particularly interested in hearing from artists who want to develop these types of projects :

MUSIC : Musicians making electronic music, pop, minimalist music, world music, blues, jazz, trip-hop, RnB, soul, traditional music… (non-exhaustive list)

1. Musicians who are interested in the spatialising of sound, surround sound, spacial music, or how their music could be spatialised. You do not need to be technically trained as we will bring our technical knowledge, our state of the art equipment including 4D sound equipment, specialised software amongst other possibilities, depending on your project.

2. Musicians who want to experiment new ways of performing and new forms of concert. This is a recurrent question for the Dominicains and we would be interested to hear from people who want to help us push these questions forward. Please dare to be radical and to challenge everything we have thought of, so far. We value risks and transgressive practice.


1. Video artists, visual artists working with video and video makers, who want to create a video on a musical project, in collaboration or not with a composer or musicians. This can be a residence for two individuals.

2. Individuals interested in creating a project involving videomapping, micro mapping, or a digital installation. Again there is no need for you to have technical knowledge as we will bring that to you and we will help you to make your project a reality. Please be daring and ambitious, so we can also be challenged.

We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully welcoming you at the Dominicains.

The team at the Dominicains
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CCR Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace