deadline: 25 April 2018
Call for entries


You are invited to participate in an International Mail Art Envelope Exhibition with the theme ”Denmark is….” that will be held at Kulturstationen Vanløse, Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2018.

What comes into your head when you think about Denmark – Hamlet & Elsinor Castle? The stories of Hans Christian Anderson? Danish blue cheese? Lego bricks (there are about 62 for every person in the world!)? The Tivoili Gardens in the centre of Copenhagen? The Little Mermaid statue? Carlsberg beer? Danish bacon?

We all have different images of the country, and we would like you to send us an Envelope with your visions of Denmark on it.

Envelopes can be any size, but should be no bigger than A5 — 2.3 x x 1.6.cms/8.3 x 5.8 inches.
The front of each Envelope should include your view of what ‘Denmark is….’, for example a painting, drawing, collage, etc.
On the back of the Envelope please include your name, contact details and any other information that you think might be relevant.
Only the front of the Envelopes will be displayed in the Exhibition (so there is no need to put anything inside your Envelope).

Please send your Envelopes to:
Helle Pollas
Tureby alle 29a
2650 Hvidovre

before 25 April, 2018
There will be no jury, no fees, and no return of the Envelopes. All the Envelopes submitted will be exhibited, but anything deemed offensive, unsuitable for our visitors, or straying too far from the brief may not be included. A blog will be set up on which the received Envelopes can be seen.
Futher information can be obtained from Isaac Kenneth Donkor, or

Kulturstationen Vanløse is a cultural and social hub offering a wide selection of cultural activities for adults and children. It is visited by more than 380,00 each year. Annually, Kulturstationen Vanløse presents 300 cultural events, which, in 2018, will include the International Mail Art Exhibition ‘Denmark is..’ and two related events – Valentine Mark Herman’s ‘An Envelope a Day for a Year’, and an exhibition of childrens’ envelopes pproduced at a series of workshops with the theme, ‘My Copenhagen…My Denmark….’