Deadline: 30 June 2018
Call for entries

uncapitals 2018: “Northern Fragility”
Dance performance and film-almanac about human touch to arctic nature
Kjøllefjord, 26-29 September 2018

Uncapitals – international art-residency for Barents region-based artists initiated by a group of russian curators. It rethinks Northern remoteness and spotlights the spaces outside the

This year theme is “Northern Fragility”. The project team is heading for Kjøllefjord, a fishing village in Northern Norway, a peaceful and solitary place whose sensitive balance can be
easily broken by practical intentions. Project participants work in two directions: dance laboratory and photo/video production.

The project result will be a series of short sketches that form the film. It aims to emphasize the integrity of arctic nature and its fragile ecological balance.
We are gathering artists from Scandinavia and North-West Russia to join the uncapitals team, by applying for two main directions:

moving images (musicians, field recording artists, film-makers, music video directors, VRartists, drone pilots and film editors)
moving people (performers, dancers, choreographers, stage and movie actors, film and theatre directors)

Project information: