Deadline: 30 September 2018
Call for entries

is an itinerant festival and its intention is to provide artists with an opportunity to disseminate them proposals in a specific place as well as traveling, thus facilitating the understanding by the public of video art.

It will consist in a selection of 8 videos that are going to be shown in Art Room gallery in Madrid, museums, publics squares, theaters among other places all long 2019.

The theme of this edition of the CUVO festival is “Viral Camera”, for this reason it is requested that the proposals are linked or related in some way with this idea. There are no limitations of the conceptual or experimental type, the call is open to any type of video work and image-sound based works that seem impressive or innovative as experience.

Deadline 30 September 2018

Guideline in:

CUVO Festival

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CUVO Festival 2019 VIDEOART
Itinerant festival and debate about the video-artistic experiences

INVESTIGACIÓN Y ARTE C/ Santa María, 1528014 – Madrid
Phone: +34 91 369 35 80 e-mail:

1) Concept of Videoart’s “CUVO” 2018 festival
-Videoart “CUVO”s festival borns as a result from the desire of bringing together a diversity of
proposals of audiovisual production at a national and international level using a innovative and
rule-breaker point of view.
-It’s intention is to give the artists an opportunity to promote this proposals in a specific, but at
the same time, itinerant place, making it easier to understand for the viewers of the videoart.
-This edition’s of the “CUVO” festival subject will revolve around “viral camera”. We need the
proposals to be linked or related in some way with this idea.
-There are no limitations conceptual or experimental-wise. We are open to any type of video
and combinations with picture and sound that result in a shocking or innovative experience.
-The festival’s display will consist of a selection of 8 videos of the received. There will not be, at
any case, voting, any kind of competition or prizes among the videos.

2) The open call:
-It is organized as an open call for artists at an international level.
-We will accept videos continuously until September 30th at 00:00h (GMT+1). After this period,
we will not accept more works.
-To send the proposals or ask any question related, please contact us via e-mail
-Among the proposals received we will select 8 productions. Those 8 productions selected will
form the third festival CUVO videoart.

3)Calendar and the event’s location
-The selected display to be part of this festival, as well as other related activities, will be exposed
from January 3th to January 9th, 2019, at the Experimental Space ‘Art Room’, street Sta. Maria
15, Madrid (Spain).
-Afterwards the selected display will tour itinerant-wise to a variety of spaces placed at
institutions related to artistic exposition and outreach, even public or private.

4)Specifications of the conditions of the videos:
-We only accept one video per artist or group.
-The works cannot have been made before January 1st, 2017.
-The works can have been shown at other festivals or videoart’s events, but in the case of being
chosen, the work have to be removed from the internet platforms while the itinerant display
CUVO 2019 is still current, except from the personal website.
-Its recommended to send videos of not more than 5 minutes, and under no circumstance will
be accepted videos above 7 minutes.
-We accept works at any language, but if the dialogs or texts are other than Spanish, we require
the addition of subtitles (Spanish).
-Under no circumstance we will accept any work away from the artistic criteria or one that
infringes in some way the current Spanish legislation or the Universal Declaration of the Human
Rights. Any work failing to comply with this, will be discarded. Following this statement, the legal
responsibility of any video, will fall on the authors themselves and never on the “CUVO” Festival
or the staff.
-The videos have to be original. Also, the video artists, or the group presenting a work, have to
be in possession of the copy right of the video and the sound.
-Managers, curators or any person related to the festival are not responsable of the truthfulness
of the information provided by the participants. In case of any problem related in some way with
the audio-visual rights, please contact us on the mail mentioned before.

5) Procedure to send the material
-Mostly, the procedure to send the material will be online. For this purpose, the applicants have
to send their works via e-mail at “”.
-In case for some specific reason it is impossible to send the material via internet, the festival’s
organization will try to propose an alternative procedure to send the DVD (PAL format). In case
of using this method, the date of the POSTAL REGISTRATION could not exceed the deadline
commented before.
-It is mandatory to attach the form in PDF with information of the video. This document will be
provided attached on the e-mail with the following issues:
Artist’s name
Mini CV (professional web if there is one)
Title of the work
Date of production
Work’s description (no more than 5 lines)
From 1 to 5 pictures of the work (72 ppp JPEG)
Aspect ratio (16:9)
E-mail and phone number to contact
-It is recommended to use H.264/MPEG-4 format, or other standard format that allows a good
quality visualization.
-Maximum recommended size of the file is 1 GB.

6) Information privacy and consent:
-With the release of the video the author gives the organization of the festival the right to copy
and distribute the work to the places selected for the festival, from the principal office or place
to the different places selected for the itinerant display. Also, to distribute a list with all
participant with the professional name and video’s credits.
-Furthermore, the organization reserves the right to use names, last names and fix pictures of
the selected participants or their videos, always with the intention to promote and advertise the
Festival, as well as for publicity in the public mass media. This use would never give the right for
any reward or compensation.
-The grant of the rights for the work presented will continue once finished the festival and the
itinerant display under the tacit consent of both parts, unless the owner indicates the opposite.
– With the release of the video the author accept this guidelines totally.

7) Fees:
-In case the agreements with the organizations ends up with a economic compensation, the
money received will be destined to cover the expenses from the diffusion, diets of the
organisers and coordinators, and also to pay the CACHE among the selected artists, which
always will be the 50% of the stablished CANON.
-The stablished CANON will be determined along the year 2019, and we will provide it through
the website or e-mail to the artists involved, the chosen ones for this edition.
-The organization will look for maximum diffusion and itinerancy as possible, including digital
media, what would repercute in the income generated to share.
-In case of there are payments for the participants, this will be done taking into account always
the fiscal and operational retentions applied to every single case.
-In case the project do not get any economic help, the Festival assures the display of the works
at the center “Art Room” as well as in any other places where the projection does not suppose
any cost to the organization.
-The organization of this festival reserves the right to make modifications on some of this
points. We will inform about this modifications as much as possible to the participants.
-Not complying with all of the above will mean the exclusion from the festival. The fact of taking
part of the Festival implies accepting this guidelines totally.
-For more info please check our website “” or follow us on Facebook,
Twitter, or Instagram.