Deadline: 2 September 2018
Call for entries

Application Form :: International Laboratory For Artistic Creation

is a laboratory and international performing arts festival that will run from November 10 to December 1, 2018 in Coimbra, Portugal.
Beyond the dimension of the Festival open to the public, with the presentation of shows in various places of the city, LINHA DE FUGA develops a laboratory that intends to promote the encounter between national and foreign artists for the exchange of artistic practices.
Ana Borralho & João Galante (PT), Federica Folco (UY), Luciana Fina (IT/PT), Miguel Pereira (PT), Sergi Faustino (ES) and Thomas Hauert (CH/BE) are the artists of the first edition that, parallel to the festival’s program, will direct the seminars of the Laboratory.
The Laboratory will bring together 20 arts professionals (theater, dance, video, music, writing …) who are interested in confronting their projects and their practices with those of the invited artists and their peers. Participants are selected by an international open call.
Each participant is challenged to share a work in progress (which may be at different stages of development) that will be their object of study in practical seminars.
The objective is to promote the confrontation of artistic practices, in a process of collective and participative work, that will be developed in a field of experimentation, learning and knowledge sharing. Designed as a Temporary Autonomous Zone, according to Hackim Bey’s ideas, LINHA DE FUGA will have moments of collective work (where participants can present, discuss and develop their artistic projects in relation to other creators and other practices) and individual work periods , where they can choose different methodologies (collaboration with other participants, individual accompaniment with invited artists or development of their own research).
In this open call we open also two places for documenters whose function is to document the entire laboratory and its practices from a subjective and critical perspective and whose intention is to give back to society a way of documenting the ephemeral and practices of knowledge transmission.

Application conditions
Candidates must be willing to participate in the Laboratory and in the various parallel activities (Festival programme, conversations, process presentation, feedback sessions) from November 10th to December 1st. In exceptional situations, attendance of the Laboratory can be accepted for one of the three different periods of work, which should always include two weekends.

Participation fee
250 €
Includes the seminars, free access to all Festival events and a daily meal throughout the LINHA DE FUGA duration.

Support grants
LINHA DE FUGA has the possibility of awarding support grants, when justified. In the application form, the candidate must indicate the reason for the need for the grant.

How to apply
Interested parties should complete the online form

(+351) 239 838 015
Isabel Campante
912 774 979

Instituto Pedro Nunes, sala 207
Rua Pedro Nunes
3030-199 Coimbra
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