Deadline: 19 December 2019
Call for entries

Open Dream Art Residency

The Arte Laguna Prize collaborates with Open Dream creating a brand new art residency that will be assigned to one of the artists of the 13th edition of the competition. To participate in the selections it is necessary to register for the Arte Laguna Prize and then submit the residency project, to be carried out during a period of one to three months in the spaces of Pagnossin Factory in Treviso (Italy), historical place of ceramics production.

Your Project
It must be a proposal for the reuse and enhancement of the ceramics left at the former premises of the Pagnossin factory (installations, photographic projects, urban art projects, video art and virtual art projects).
Artists have to prepare a sketch of the project and an explanatory text with the materials, dimensions, indicative timings of realization and the meaning of the work. There are no size limits.

How to apply
Step 1 Apply to Arte Laguna Prize –

Step 2 Check your inbox, you will receive an email with instructions to apply to the Open Dream Art Residency

Step 3 Fill in the dedicated entry form

Step 4 Wait for the result of the selections