Deadline: 31 January 2019
Call for entries

VideoVortex XII, Malta
Conference: September 27-28, 2019
Exhibition: 6 September until 10 November (in Gallery, space C)

Please submit to:

VideoVortex, an artistic network that deals with the aesthetics and politics of online video, will gather again, this time in Malta, for a two day conference/event. There will be a seperate exhibtion (from early September to early November 2019), curated in partnership between Spazju Kreattiv and Video Vortex, to be held in the gallery spaces of Spazju Kreattiv (, particularly to enable Malta-based participants to engage significantly with the conference delegates’ work before and after the conference.

We are interested in the sharing of propositions, research, speculations, video and film work that responds to current debates in film, video, media, networks, and game theory, while being particularly attentive to the implications that technologies of live video, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence have for the future of video & media cultures.

If you want to get involved, contribute to the conference, exhibition or screening program, please send us a proposal on

1) Video cultures on social media/mobile platforms (Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat, Smart phone aesthetics)
– Streaming realtime video & streaming platforms
– Surveillance Cinema
2) Online video, activism and migration
– Automated and algorithmic filmmaking (AI), bots, online video archives
– Drone aesthetics (e.g. Wiki loves monuments)
3) Digital preservation of online video (archives / curating)
– Use of online video in the established film industry

Films, videos & curated screening programs:
Filmmakers and video artists are invited to submit work that addresses the themes and concepts outlined here. curators are invited to propose short screening programs of up to 3 hours that showcase video/film in response to the themes outlined.

Workshop proposals:
We invite video practitioners, artists, researchers, scientists, content producers and theorists to submit proposals for workshops that explore critical making as a mode of critique and inquiry. We are particularly interested in hearing from those working with virtual or augmented reality. If you are proposing a workshop, please indicate costs for materials, as these will have to be built in separately as registration fees. All workshop organizers will have to make their own arrangements for materials required.

Talks & lecture-performances:
We welcome proposals for presentations addressing the topics outlined in the call, as well as proposals for lecture-performances that play with the standard academic form of presentation.

Program committee:
Andreas Treske (Department of Communication and Design, Bilkent University, Ankara)
Toni Sant, Justin Galea, Daniel Azzopardi (Spazju Kreattiv, Malta)
Matthew Galea & Adnan Hadzi (Department of Digital Arts, University of Malta)
Barbara Dubbeldam & Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam)

Background of VideoVortex

VideoVortex is a network of video makers, geeks, activists, artists and researchers that work on the politics and aesthetics of online video. The initiative was established in 2007 by the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam. Video technology has radically altered the way in which we produce, consume and circulate images, influencing the aesthetics and possibilities of moving image cultures, as well as yielding a rich body of scholarship across various disciplines. Given its ease of access and use, video has historically been aligned with media activism and collaborative work. Video is driving social media and the web. It is dominating the internet of things. Cameras causing breakdowns in networks. Online video became lifelike.

Rapidly changing technological formats implicate the urgent need to engage with practices of archiving and curation, modes of collaboration & political mobilization, as well as fresh comprehensions of the subject-spectator, actors & networks constituted by contemporary video and digital cultures.

Previous events:

videovortex #1: Brussels, Belgium, October 2007
videovortex #2: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, January 2008
videovortex #3: Ankara, Turkey, October 2008
videovortex #4: Split, Croatia, October 2009
videovortex #5: Brussels, Belgium, November 2009
videovortex #6: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 2011
videovortex #7: Yogyakarta, Indonesia, July 2011
videovortex #8: Zagreb, Croatia, May 2012
videovortex #9: Lüneburg, Germany, February 2013
videovortex #10: Istanbul, Turkey, September 2014
videovortex #11: Kochi, India, February 2017