Deadline: 20 February 2018
Call for entries

This is a call for co-creation. This is a need of sharing together thought, an experiment of thinking together through the art creation. is seeking for dancers/choreographers feeling comfortable and having experience with expressing a concept through their body’s communicative flux.
An art experiment to produce together a collective meditation in motion about SPACE.

What is a closed space? What is an open place?
Two themes which can be expressed through the authentic and original narration of the body’s whole intelligence, resonating with its own noise, sound and breath. Every contribute, every single meditation, will become one collective composition of bodies in motion, one common, authentic and original moving meditation which will enlight, give new form and shape to a selected public architecture.

This is an open call where I kindly ask you to get in touch and develop together a common piece of art.
I would like to kindly ask You to interpret both these themes through a Your authentic and original speech of the body, with its own sound and noise moving in the space, with Your own breath, using the movement of the body as language to express the ideas of space’s closure and openness inside a meditation of the body in movement.

I kindly ask you a 1 minute performance expressing the concept of a CLOSED SPACE and a 1 minute performance expressing the OPEN SPACE. They can be continuous or separated in two contents.
The format of the piece, for technical reasons, has to be a VIDEO, of good quality, made by any kind of support (camera, smartphone, camcorder, webcam with a HD resolution). Preferred formats are Quicktime “.mov” or “.mp4” videos.
Space and sound
The space of the performance can be chosen freely by the performer. The only border is to perform in an imaginary space of 2x2x2 meters, possibly with a black or white, uniform background or, where there is the availability, with a green screen setup, which allows then a better elaboration of all the work. (Below You can find a scheme of the kindly requested, possible positions of the shooting camera and a final output draft reconstructed for a public architecture). The sound would be the specific one of the breath and of the body in motion of the performer. 

The final composition will be a projection mapping piece of 255 voxels (volumetric elements) of performing bodies in motion, composing and remixing together into a complex meditation lasting about 10 minutes.

The video file/s can be sent via email, wetransfer, or other platform to the address

More info –

The first envisaged project’s deadline LIFELINE is February the 20th. This will allow to generate a first experiment and publication.
Public architectures will be selected for the exhibition of this co-creative work of New Media Public Art.