Deadline: 15 March 2019
Call for entries

Twisted Oyster Film and New Media Festival
May 1 – Mat 15, Kefalonia Island, Greece
For 2019 Twisted Oyster will continue its focus on the environment and the impact of climate change in nature, economy, health, migrations and all of humanity. The festival will be a platform to drive awareness with an impactful exhibition that brings forward short and feature films to be included in the festival’s special edition in Greece. As it did last year, Twisted Oyster will present films and new media productions reflecting on the ongoing environmental crisis, the delicate state of the planet. We seek productions focusing on its magnificent beauty and paralleled decay through documentary, fiction, animation, virtual and augmented realities, installation, performance, sound and video art.

The art and film exhibition will tease the imagination and express the profound thought of artists and filmmakers from around the world. Twisted Oyster aims to cultivate ideas that enlighten and unify communities through the language of art.

Looking for shorts, feature, documentary, animation and video art

About the Festival:
Twisted Oyster aims to raise awareness and expand knowledge about the human condition as a whole. The works created by culturally diverse artists and filmmakers from around the world open doors artwork that speaks about global social issues today. The festival presents an annually themed-based film and new media art exhibition that showcases and promotes the works of both aspiring and established professionals. The goal of the festival is to bridge culture, society and technology through powerful content programming, while focusing on engagement, enhancing access, and shedding light on contemporary issues.