Deadline: 30 March 2019
Call for entries

Vital Signs by Twisted Oyster Residencies – Reconciling with Nature through Holistic Techniques
Tuscany May 25th – June 15th, 2019

This residency will expose artists to a variety of meditation techniques, including Gratitude as a common thread throughout all of the mindfulness practices. The program will focus on re-training of attention, the science of mindfulness, positive psychology, the power of focus and intention, the science of sound healing, self-reflection, self-care and wellness and our connection to mother Earth. These exercises will allow artists to rediscover the brilliance of nature through the golden ratio and our connection with the space; infusing positive, mindful, radical acceptance, love, abundance and sensorial exercises to reconnect mind, heart and spirit to nature.

The goal of this residency is to reconcile with nature through a synergy of the arts.

Through the duration of the residency, participants will create multimedia site-specific works: Sound, music, film/video, poetry, fiber, installation and new media artworks, and connecting with the local community through a site specific public arts event.

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