Deadline: 7 November 2019
Call for entries

Connexion Festival – I edition

Opening, December 12th, 2019 – in Rome and broadcasted worldwide! Mattatoio, Rome, Italy

“Connexion Festival” is a cultural, educational, and collaborative project curated by the students of the Master in Arts and Culture Management of the Rome Business School (RBS). It proposes a unique exhibition and curatorial experience, featuring students based in more than 100 countries worldwide. Simultaneously, each student participates in the organization and management of the event, both from their virtual seat (in their own country), or in situ, in Rome, while completing their studies. This blended managerial and curatorial approach is the very core of Connexion Festival, whose objective is to become a yearly education appointment for international students, artists, and viewers to focus on current events characterizing our history: in Rome, as will be the physical exhibition, and simultaneously across the globe, like the net of international students reached virtually.

This approach echoes the famous chaos theory of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ that celebrates the importance of little happenings in a given part of the world, to then trigger a wider phenomenon reverberating on a global scale.

This year’s theme will be the environment, analyzed from three sub-topics that are

natural, spiritual, and virtual (environments). Artists applying to the call should either

select a work from their portfolio and verbalize why and how it refers to one of three

sub-topics; or propose an ad hoc project for the edition (see the ‘Technical List’ below for

more details). Applicants should moreover send their CV and/or artistic portfolio to th byNovember7 .

International artists of any media,age,sex can apply.

Received applications will be evaluated in consideration of the project’s formal qualities, conceptual elaboration, link to the edition’s theme, and artist’s portfolio. All selected applicants will be informed via mail on November 20th and will have time to confirm their seat by November 24 . After that term, the Curation team may nominate other candidates.

Selected artists will have full assistance throughout the exhibition installation process; a fully- documented curated catalogue (English) with pictures of the exhibition and of the works; social-media (and not only) coverage.

Travel expenses, costs of material, transportation and accommodation are in charge on the artists.


Technical List:

Applicants should send:

Their artistic portfolio and/or CV (PDF or JPEG);

A separate PDF or JPEG file containing the work to be exhibited;

A short (450-850 words) description explaining the link between the work and the

chosen sub-topic.

The Staff of the Connexion Festival will not be liable for any lost or un-received applications.

no entry fee