Deadline: 31 December 2019
Call for entries

bang.prix 2020

No entry fee

bang. Prix is Turkey’s leading platform where art, design, technology and science intersect,
founded in 2015 by a team of interdisciplinary minds with backgrounds in various fields and the
common desire to share their curiosities and develop beyond the scope of their fields.
To date, bang. Prix has provided the support and mentorship to 57 participants in the
development of their projects, showcasing them to thousands of audiences in 13 exhibitions in
Turkey and abroad. In its fourth year, bang. Prix is expanding beyond support for project-based
development and exhibitions as a platform that supports practitioners from different disciplines
and countries to develop themselves at the nexus of art, technology, design and science.
Under the scope of the bang. Prix 2020 program, we open our call for applications to those
interested in participating. The program provides resources, mentorship and networking
opportunities customized to each participant. For more information about what the program
offers, please visit the website

Applications are accepted during the period of 11 November – 31 December 2019. A selection
committee consisting of 5 external jury members and the bang.prix team will select the finalists
to participate in next year’s program (January 2020 – November 2020). Application results will be
released at the end of January.

Who can participate?
Creatives who apply digital technologies or science, including:
● Artists
● Designers
● Architects

Professionals from science and technology fields expanding their practices to include artistic
approaches. These fields may include:
● Neuroscience
● Biology
● Computer Science
● Sociology
● Philosophy
● Psychology

Priority will be given to those at early stages of their career, but applicants looking for
opportunities will also be considered.
The program is international and open to any nationality and country of residence.
Individuals and groups/collectives may apply.
While the program is flexible for participants based in different countries, selected participants
are expected to communicate openly and promptly and dedicate time from their usual activities
to program activities throughout the program period (Jan – Nov 2020).
Evaluation criteria

Applicants are judged on the following criteria:
● Level of curiosity and motivation towards working in the intersection of art, science,
design and technology
● Need for support provided by the bang.prix program
● How realistic the development goals are
● Clarity in expression of the applicant’s self and work

How to apply?
Submit your application documents to The entire application process
will take place digitally. Applications by courrier will not be accepted.
A completed application form downloadable here.

Application documents
should be in a folder named FirstName_LastName_withabang , and includes:
Application documents
should be in a folder named FirstName_LastName_withabang , and includes:
1. A completed application form downloadable here .
2. CV and portfolio, if applicable, of previous projects and works.
3. Motivation letter (max. 800 words, titled FirstName_LastName_ML )
a. Why you wish to participate in the program
b. The work you wish to develop during the program (project or research idea)
c. The people or organizations you want to be in touch with during the program
who may inspire or support your development
d. What you expect from the program
4. Other supporting documents related to the work you plan to develop during the
program, if available
5. Contact information of two reference persons
6. Video supporting your motivation letter less than 1 minute (Optional)
Applications will be accepted in English or Turkish and in pdf or MP4 formats ONLY.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at