Deadline: 1 August 2019
Call for entries

December 2020 LOS ANGELES

Element.a is looking for 5 artists, movie director, screenwriter, actor and a musician.
A movie is the collision between multiple art formes. It requires the collaboration of several artists who share their visions and creativity. For this fourth edition Element.a is producing a short film/video with the participation of 5 artists from different backgrounds.
This OPEN CALL is open to all international artists under 40, of all genders, ethnicities and from all backgrounds. The selection of artists will be based on their previous works and their past collaborations.
This new project will be produced in several stages. Based on sculptor’s artwork, the screenwriter will have to create an original story with one character, that will be developed in image by the director and in sound by a musician. Since Los Angeles is the city of Cinéma, this edition will take place partly in this city.

This project does not require a strict background in experimental art. In the opposite, Element.a wish to break barriers within the art world. So if you want to take on this crazy fun ride, get out of your confort zone and experiment, apply !

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