Deadline: 26 July 2020
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The Public Notice “Science Awareness: Occupation with Art, Science and Technology” in Brazil

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Selecting, through this process, artistic, scientific and intellectual works by persons, projects or work groups for creative occupation of the Mines and Metal Museum – MM Gerdau by means of the Public Notice “Science Awareness: Occupation with Art, Science and Technology”, under the Science Awareness Program, in the format of exhibit, to take place physically in the City of Belo Horizonte (MG, Brazil), and virtually, through currently available digital technologies (websites, digital platforms and other virtual technologies), from December/03/2020to March/14/2021. I can be changed because of pandemic situations around the world.

The Science Awareness Public Notice is a call to artists, scientists and other creators and researchers to propose the occupation of the spaces of the Mines and Metal Museum – MMGerdau with projects pervading the boundaries between the Arts, Science and Technology, with the power of raising new questions to humankind and to the transforming world in which it is inserted. It is an invitation to those who carry on with the legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci, without making distinctions between all forms of knowledge. Art and Science combined, as something capable of transforming reality, proposing new spaces and narratives to the use of technologies, looking toward a more social and humane dimension of Science and its technical production, and, at the same time, as a way to foreseeing and imagining the future as we want it. This public notice is a call to those who wish to share this process of asking questions. The full text that guides this public notice is available at

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