Call for entries
Deadline: 8 March 2014

Edible Matters
Food, Culture, & Social Process
Open Call for Submissions
tAd cordially invite artists to participate in a six-week group exhibition that takes food a subject matter to explore its significance and meanings beyond nutrition.

Edible Matters is an attempt to look at the multifarious meanings of food in social, cultural, and economic contexts. Food is more than nutrition and commodity. It is intrinsic to social process as well as our sense of identity on both individual and collective levels.

Similarly to identities which are not fixed but constructed and reconstructed within given social formation, the culinary culture is also shifting and evolving through time. For example, the organic movement of food goes hand in hand with the environmental concerns and the social concepts of health food. It has also shaped and characterized the meaning of being a vegan or vegetarian. From the multicultural perspective, the assimilation of foods from different cultures and regions of the world has challenged the notion of authenticity. And what were once deemed as “ethnic” foods, such as salsa, guacamole, almond milk, tofu, are now being incorporated as standard American food. In this open call, we seeks subversive and enticing contemporary artworks in all media that explore the edible related matters. Submissions from artists from around the world are welcome.

Interested artists please email your proposal together with your CV, artist statement, and portfolio (up to 5 images/videos/sounds) to