deadline: 24 July 2017
call for entries

Bring your skin to the market

Exhibition – Talks 15.9.17 – 10.11.17

Buildup 12.9., 17-19 :00

Vernissage 15.9., 19:00

Artiststalk 29.9., 19:00

Workshop „Privatheit unserer Daten“ 13.10. (?), 19 Uhr. N.N.

Finissage 10.11., 19 Uhr

Disassembly 13.11., 17-19 Uhr

Hypnotized by beauty standards youth means everything and separates generations. Advertising campaigns feed us with high-gloss beauty aspirations, but in the mirror of the media our own body appears unworthy. The customer stays unsatisfied. He needs to be kept hungry. Beauty is success, they suggest. The body becomes the object, manipulable at will. The market makes existence bearable – the beauty, the attention, the good life and all that we can have to keep our masks intact and invulnerable.

Is the prerequisite for protecting the outer nature worth the value of our inner nature?
Where do we carry our own skin to the market in relationships, opinions and judgements for and against each other, medical plastic surgery, fashion, clothing, eroticism, pornography, private data?
The skin is the outer boundary of our body, where do we draw the limit of marketing our body?
The market sets the aesthetic standards for beauty, but how do we escape this commercial trap?

What do artists say?

We invite artists to apply for an exhibition participation with max three works. Object, installation, photography, painting, graphics, video, sound and performance. See Our infrastructure
Please submit a short profile (CV/Vita), a short description with reference to the topic and a picture of the artistic work, including the format of the length/width and the necessary technical data, like the equipment used for producing your art works.
We are a free, self-organized project space. For production, technical equipment, transport and insurance (The space is insured) there is no budget.
We curate out applications with a lack of content or solely an associative link to the topic.
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Curators: Tom Albrecht, Karin Bandelin, Michael Maier

Group Global 3000 e.V.
Leuschnerdamm 19, Berlin – Kreuzberg 10999