Deadline: 31 January 2019
Call for entries

Szerpentin Dance Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Szerpentin Dance Film Festival is currently the only platform in Hungary dedicated solely to dance- and movement-based film and video productions.

We are seeking for film and video shorts (0-15 min) based on fresh ideas, extremities, brave fusion of art forms, unusual interpretations of so-called “dance”, aesthetic statements; works that are emotional or rigid, soft or sharp, light or dark, thought provoking or entertaining.

The screening program introduces the latest of screendance, as well as music, fashion, sport, architecture videos and visual experiments with strong choreographic features. The festival considers “dance film” in a wider sense. Innovative approaches and experiments with movements, gestures, rhythm, the human body and its relation to space are presented as well.

Festival – 25-28 April 2019