Deadline: 28 February 2019
Call for entries

Open Call For Audio
CICADA (Ogden, Utah) seeks all forms of digital audio for exhibition in mid-March 2019.

While the space of CICADA is physical, we are interested in exhibition formats that demonstrate the capacity to extend beyond our tangible borders. For this call, all accepted audio works will be processed via impulse response recordings made of CICADA and hosted online for exhibition as streaming/downloadable content.

We seek submissions of audio in any format that is conceptually connected to the insect-embodiment of our space — subterranean, ephemeral, and/or sonically dominant. Works of composed electronic sound, field recordings, iPhone voicemails, or analog media converted into digital formats are just a few examples of materials that interest us.

To apply, please send a downloadable link of your audio via Google Drive to along with the following information by midnight, February 28th —

Name Location
Short Description

More info about CICADA can be found at —