Deadline: 1 March 2019
Call for entries

Conference Datatata aims to discuss the wide range of questions about how the artistic practise is affected by contemporary phenomena of massive data collecting and data interpretation.

Conference will take place in Brno at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology in April 12, 2019.

You are invited to submit mainly theoretical, but also practical works, artworks and/or interdisciplinary projects corresponding (but not limited to) the following conference topics:

  • Datatata – data from the perspective of the machine
  • In this conference section focused on machine and non-human perspective, we can discuss, for example, who is the former of final decision while the decision is based on data collected and processed by the (digital) machine? Who are we while the data describe us as the discrete collections of parameters, history, and features?

  • Data + 2ta – data from the perspective of humans
  • This conference section aims to discuss data issue from the human perspective and our ability to interpret data pre-processed and collected by the machine. Can humans be still able to understand and divide their interaction with machines while the first is a master of abstraction, simplification and modeling, and the latter is a master of description, complexity and exploration?

  • – data in art
  • This conference section aims to discuss such authentic art production which is based on data. What issues are brought in the visual arts by data, and what forms and genres do they influence? What questions on understanding the relationship of big data and living reality are brought out by such art?

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