Deadline: 30 March 2019
call for entries

Don’t Believe in Global Warming? Just Ask a Winemaker/Vital Signs, 43.5229° N, 10.9468° E

Tuscany, June 15th – June 29th, 2019
This residency aims to bring awareness to the impact of climate change by observing and understanding the agricultural process in the region. The self guided 2-week residency places emphasis on the current environmental issues affecting winemaking and olive oil production. Participants will have an opportunity to a attend a 1-2 day presentation by Tuscan winemaker, participate in colloquium, have studio time to continue existing or create new work, present it in group critique and be able to familiarize themselves with farm routines. The residency also offers ample opportunity to explore north-central Italy: Florence, Pisa and San Gimignano, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The activities available through the duration of the residency are designed to rediscover the brilliance of the Mediterranean and our relationship with the environment while reconnecting mind, heart and spirit to nature.

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