Deadline: 1th September 2020
Call for entries

Theme: Fantastic Herbarium
International Ehxibition – Italy

Drawing a great invented herbarium, a hymn to the imagination that plays with nature.A project inspired by the botanical herbarium volumes of the past to create one made up of new figures architectures and imaginary taxonomies.

– Participation is free and open to all, both individuals and groups, artist or no, without limits of age, race or religion.
– The technique is free (drawing, painting, collage, drawing, etc NO DIGITAL) any size format MAX. 25×18 cm.
– The postcards can be sent, in original (no copies) from all over the world,
without any territorial limits.
– The postcards must respect the size of MAX.. 25×18 cm, bear on the back the author’s name and surname, title, technique and date.

– An exhibition entitled “FANTASTIC HERBARIUM” will be possibleat a date and place that will be defined by 2021 in Florence (Italy). The postcards will be published on the FB page of the Project.

According to the success of the project it is possible that a paper publication is also produced in a volume. Postcards after the show will remain at my studio filed as “Fantastic Herbarium Project”, no return will be provided. The images will not have any other type of use if not the purpose of the project itself.

– Works that carry racial, pedo-pornographic or offensive contents will not be admitted.
– Participation in the announcement implies full acceptance of all the articles and clauses of this regulation.
– For information, clarifications, contact:

Postcards must be sent by post, franked or in a sealed envelope, not later than August the 01th September 2020, at the following address:

Bandini Fabrizio

Via Boito, 9

50018 Scandici (Firenze)